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Variable Voltage & Wattage Mods

For veteran vapers looking for more output from their setup, nothing compares to variable voltage and wattage mods. We carry variable vape mods and kits from the top brands in the industry as well as replacement variable voltage batteries to keep your setup running smoothly. Variable mods have become a popular choice for cloud chasers not only for the convenience of controlling the output, but also for their safety features such as thermal protection that prevents overheating and offers resistance protection, short circuit protection and more. Remember to not use nickel or titanium coils on your variable vape mod!

We made it easier to save on all your variable vape mods by offering free shipping on first-class mail orders of $15 or more. You'll also earn a dollar in our rewards program for every $25 you spend. Questions or concerns? Feel free to shoot us a message or stop by one of our shops in Pennsylvania and say hello.

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