intro to vaping

Oxford Dictionaries named 'vape' the "Word of the Year 2014." One reason vaping has become so popular is that vaping offers a healthy alternative to those looking to stop smoking cigarettes.

Puff-Puff, drag and inhale, then get ready to blow out gigantic clouds of vapor and experience the joy and flavorful taste of vaping. Jack Nicholson does it, so does Leo DiCaprio, Tom Petty, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Vaping is all over the internet. Google the keyword 'vape' and the search will produce over 25 million items to contemplate. For those looking to join the vaping community, here is some quick, easy and relevant information to get started with vaping.

Vaping, by definition, is completed by a battery-operated device containing a heating element inside that atomizes a liquid which vaporizers and allows the user to inhale the vapors, thus vaporizing. There are many variations when looking for the right vaping setup. A personal vaporizer or, PV can vary based on choice. Like people, vaping comes in all sizes, shapes, and designs, each having unique pros and cons.

A recent study at the University of Bristol (UK) says 'Human heart cells show stress response to tobacco smoke-but NOT to e-cig vapor.'

Vaping benefits versus smoking cigarettes

Won't Stain Teeth
Nicotine does not stain your teeth
(Tar from cigarettes do)
No Bad Breath
No bad breath
No Butts or Ashtrays
No butts nor ashtrays needed
Helpful Tool to Transition
Helpful tool to transition from cigarettes

Vaping has unlimited combinations, but for those just starting out, there are three types of vaping units; cig-a-likes, vape pens and vape pods (cartridges and mod kits). Vaping units may consist of a mouthpiece (drip tip), an atomizer, an e-liquid tank (refillable or disposable), and a base to connect to a battery.
If you've come this far, you might already have an idea of what vaping is or have a desire to learn the basics of vaping. Cost and ease of use are two key factors most look for when starting out.
The average cost for a starter vaping kit ranges roughly from $12-$65. The easy to use and simple design of the eLeaf iCare Solo Kit offers a compact and readily available on-the-go vaping experience while the vaporizing starter kit from Innokin MVP4100WTC Box Mod offers more adjustable and custom features and is a bit larger.

Interesting numbers, 1 box of cigarette equals 20mg of nicotine. 1ml of 18 mg e-liquid equals 18mg of nicotine. Each drop of e-liquid will last for approximately 7 puffs, thereby 2 drops are about the same as smoking 1 cigarette (or 14 puffs).

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Vaping is

Tobacco Free
Tobacco Free
Nicotine as an Option
Can use Nicotine-or be-Nicotine Free
Produces Vapor Not Smoke
Produces Vapor
(not smoke!)

The mouthpiece of a personal vaporizer can either be used to inhale, or it can be used as a drip feeder where single drops of e-liquid are dropped and inhaled directly after. An Atomizer, which heats the vapor, can vary between sizes, shapes, and cost, and usually need to be replaced after long-term usage. Tanks can be purchased prefilled or empty. Batteries can vary by power and should be researched once familiar with vaping.

If you need five minutes to smoke a cigarette, then plan on taking 10 minutes to vape for the same effect.

The atomizer coil or cotton wick heats up and absorbs the e-liquid inside the tank, (or if the tank is clear, it is called a clearomizer). Clearomizors (tanks) are made from Pyrex glass or clear hard plastic and contains the e-liquid or 'juices' as it fondly referred to by the vape community. The last part of the vaporizer unit is the base, which allows for the connection of batteries. 510 is a common base that many online vape stores sell. Some vape units or personal vaporizers (PV) have enclosed batteries that offer a USB connection port for recharging the batteries. Other devices need new batteries after continuous usage. Batteries can run from $3 for small manual batteries to $30 for a VV battery (variable voltage) that allows experienced users the ability to manipulate different vaping effects (larger smoke equals less taste, less smoke-equals more taste).

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Vape lingo

Mouth to lung

The act of inhaling vapor into mouth, then lungs
Typical way ex-cigarette smokers smoked, Low clouds of vapor
Cartomizers - atomizers
Great for beginners

Direct lung inhale

The act of inhaling vapor directly to lungs
Produces fat puffy clouds of vapor
Requires 'sub-ohm' setup
More experienced users

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The tank or clearomizor is filled with a flavorful and creative e-liquid. The 'juice' or e-liquid is a mixture of water, food grade flavoring, PG and odorless and colorless liquid PV and include the choice of nicotine levels from zero to 12. Propylene glycol (PG) carries flavor better as it has a thinner base but has a harsher feel similar to the sensation of smoking a cigarette and a user can use increased mixes of nicotine.
Vegetable glycerin, (VG) is a sweet vegetable based liquid smoother than PG has a sweeter taste and provides more vapor production. The trick to finding the right juice is through trial and error. Be aware of quantity and impact of nicotine.

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Nicotine Levels When Vaping


For those who want to stop smoking-but need the oral feel of smoking


Enjoy nicotine but want to taste the juice offerings


Comfortable level for enjoying nicotine but not big on vapor


Middle of road-former cigarette smokers enjoy


Heavy smokers like those who smoke a pack a day

The variety of juice flavors available to buy at the best online vape store varies from clever names like Taffyman to prodigious names like King Of The Cloud or Lost Art Liquids. The cost of vape flavors is based on size, nicotine, and makeup, and usually will range from the rate between, $11-$25. Overall, vaping can be as easy as buying a starter kit or cartomizer and pushing a button. Or, vaping can be a complex as buying a starter kit and then changing out the mouthpiece, the atomizer, coils, wicks, tanks, bases and batteries. Each part of the vaporizer has thousands of different choices and selections and is based on personal choice and experience. *Be sure to check local and state laws about vaping indoors and follow the laws accordingly.

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Bonus info

Types of vapes
Cig-a-likes, vape pens, pod/cartridges/mod kits-the main difference between them all is the way the e-liquid is delivered.

Batteries bases have numerous combinations and there are vaping blogs, communities, and conventions that have a plethora of information and details about-choices! Freedom of choice-LitecigUSA

Look like cigarettes, prefilled, disposable-long term cost more Cartomizer-cost efficient-can be disposable or refillable-ease of use, compact, can be difficult to refill-can have lingering taste from the previous juice.

Bottom fill
Means you fill vaporizer from the bottom- ensure top is covered when turning over to refill

See through e-liquid holder-holds more juice-last for hours-less likely to leak-juice tastes better.

Major detail for those who move on to more complex vaping through low discharge and large cloud puffs-Always buy batteries from a reputable vape store-if you have any questions ask!!

Top fill
Means you fill vaporizer with liquid from the top- helps avoid leaks

Dripping tip or mouthpiece-allows for drops of juice to drip directly into atomizer-strong and cleaner taste- wide array of flavors-can be clumsy-have to carry refill juice to consistently refill tip.