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If you are experiencing issues using our store please read some of the suggestions below:

Unable to add items to shopping cart:

Clear your Internet browser cache, cookies and/or reduce firewall/internet security software settings. This usually clears up any problems that customers may be experiencing.

Unable to place an order using my credit card (declined transactions):

We recently upgraded our credit card security. Please make sure your Billing Address matches EXACTLY the address that is on your credit card statement.

Also make sure your CVV2 security code is correct. This is the 3 digit code on the signature panel (back side) of your Visa/MC/Discover card.

There are a lot of "charges" on my credit/debit card after failed order attempts:

Please rest assured that your card has not been "charged". These are known as "pre-authorizations" and will clear in 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends). If they do not clear please contact us and we will check with our merchant provider.