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Li-ion Batteries

Whether you're looking for electronic cigarette batteries or replacement batteries for a specialty device, we have the lithium-ion batteries you've been searching for. These high quality Li-ion batteries make excellent e cigarette batteries and will work in any device that requires 18500, CR10440, 18350, 14650 or 18650 batteries. If you're interested in e cig battery mods such as the popular Zmax battery mod, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.
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10440 350mah 3.7v IMR Battery
Sale Price: $3.95

14500 700mah 3.7v IMR Battery
Sale Price: $4.95

14650 1050mah Li-Ion Battery
Sale Price: $6.95

10440 350mah IMR Battery 14500 700mah IMR Battery 14650 1050mah Li-Ion Battery
16340 550mah 3.7v IMR Battery
Sale Price: $4.95

18350 800mah 3.7v IMR Battery
Sale Price: $7.95

18500 1100mah 3.7v IMR Battery
Sale Price: $7.95

16340 550mah IMR Battery 18350 800mah IMR Battery 18500 1100mah IMR Battery
18650 1500mah 3.7v IMR Battery
Sale Price: $8.95

18650 Battery case
Sale Price: $0.95

18650 1500mah IMR Battery 18650 Battery case 18650 Hybrid 2250mah 3.7v IMR Battery
18650 Li-Ion Battery
Sale Price: $6.95

18650 2200mah Li-Ion Battery Efest 18650 35amp 2500mah Purple Battery Efest 26650 30amp 3500mah Battery
Four Bay LCD Universal Charger LG 18650-HE2 35amp 2500mah Battery LG 18650-HE4 35amp 2500mah Battery
MNKE 18650 1500mah 3.7v LiMnO2 Battery Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mah Battery Samsung 18650-25R 2500mah 20A Battery
Smoktech VapeSafe Fuse
Sale Price: $3.25

Sony 18650 VTC3 30amp Battery
Sale Price: $7.95

Sanyo 2600mah 18650 Li-Ion Battery Smoktech 7amp Safety Fuse Sony VTC3 1600mah 18650 battery
Sony 18650 VTC4 30amp Battery
Sale Price: $12.95

TrustFire Li-Ion Battery Charger
Sale Price: $5.95

XTAR MC1 Charger
Sale Price: $5.95

Sony VVTC4 2000mah 18650 battery TrustFire Li-Ion Universal Charger XTAR MC1 Charger
XTAR VC2 Intelligent Charger
Sale Price: $16.95

XTAR VP1 Intelligent Charger
Sale Price: $33.95

XTAR VC2 Intelligent Charger XTAR VC4 Four Bay Intelligent Charger XTAR VP1 Intelligent Charger
XTAR VP2 Intelligent Charger
Sale Price: $38.95

XTAR VP2 Intelligent Charger
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